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Exhibitions in 2021

Yan Pei Ming, Man Ray, Vasarely, the 10th anniversary of Villa Datris, the 1720 plague… The museums have great surprises in store for you for their reopening!

Man Ray at the Angladon Museum, Avignon

The Musée AngladonCollection Jacques Doucet will be hosting the Also Known as Man Ray exhibition, originally planned for 2020.

Man Ray is perhaps best known for the photographs and portraits of celebrities he produced between the wars. While this work allowed him to live comfortably, it didn’t satisfy the man as an artist. And so he developed a practice in direct counterpoint inspired by the Dada movement and the surrealists he mixed with.

Thanks to exceptional loans from a private collection, the Jacques Doucet library and the Pompidou Centre, visitors are treated to a hundred artworkspaintings, drawings, rayographs, lithographs, collages and other experimental pieces, including two films from the surrealist period – that shed light on this less well known but essential facet of the artist. Andy Warhol’s Portrait of Man Ray closes the exhibition.

Runs from 27 May to 3 October

Man Ray. Le Poète © Adagp Paris 2020


Musée Angladon
in Avignon
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Carina Istre 
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Orchestra dans Revolving Doors © Adagp Paris 2020

Yan Pei-Ming in Avignon

2014, huile sur toile


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Sylvie Joly, Head of Press
Avignon Tourism
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At the Palace of the Popes and the Collection Lambert

From 13 June 2021, you can discover the works of Franco-Chinese artist Yan Pei-Ming in Avignon, in a new double exhibition at the Grand Chapel of the Palace of the Popes and in the light-filled rooms of the Collection Lambert contemporary art foundation.

Born in Shanghai in 1960, Yan Pei-Ming settled in France in the 1980s and has become well-known for his large-format portraits in shades of grey. Here, echoing the history of the City of the Popes, he will present in the former papal palace a series of monumental works created specially for the occasion, all depicting popes.

To resonate with these images, at the Collection Lambert he will show paintings portraying the most influential figures of contemporary history.

13 June to 12 September at the Collection Lambert –

13 June to 31 January 2022 at the Palais des Papes –

Tenth anniversary of Villa Datris

For the past ten years, Villa Datris has been delighting us with its annual contemporary sculpture exhibitions, tirelessly exploring new themes, as exciting as they are joyous: From Nature to Sculpture, Stage Beasts, Weaving-Plaiting, Recycling-Upcycling.

Key to their growing success are the high quality of the exhibitions, due the initiative of founder Danièle Kapel-Marcovici and the expert directorship of Stéphane Baumet, free entry, guided tours for all, a charming riverbank setting on Isle sur la Sorgue, and a rich programme of activities.

To celebrate the Villa’s tenth birthday, Kapel-Marcovici will be curating her own personal selection of the works and artists exhibited there, with a single watchword: joy! With fewer scholarly conferences and more light-hearted and inspiring activities, garden concerts and open-air film screenings, the summer promises to be a good one!

Open from 22 May to 1st November 2021


Fondation Villa Datris
in L’Isle sur la Sorgue
T. 33 (0)4 90 95 23 70

(c) Frank Couvreur

Vasarely, in the castle of Gordes


Press Contact: Caroline Le Got
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Luberon Cœur de Provence Tourist Board
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The Hungarian artist Vasarely discovered the village of Gordes in 1947. This had such a profound graphic and sensory impact on him that he moved away from figurative art towards abstraction. He lived in the château at the top of the village for a time, and his desire to create a foundation led him to start restoring it in 1966 to house his works. The château housed his Didactic Museum from 1970 until it closed in 1996, when his works moved to the Centre Architectonique in Aix en Provence that had been dedicated to the master of op art since 1976.

For the Fondation Vasarely 50th anniversary, two parts of a diptyque exhibition will be presented one after the other at emblematic places in the artist’s life and work in Provence. We can thus first visit “Vasarely, Gordes Magistral” in the château (from July to October), then the second part at his Foundation in Aix-en-Provence (from November 2021 to April 2022).

A rich set of archive documents, original works, texts and photographs in the Gordes exhibition will illustrate the factors that led to the Gordes Didactic Museum being established in 1971. It will look back at the artistic period referred to as “Gordes/Cristal” in particular and how the painter’s “encounter” with the village formed the major turning point in his path towards abstraction. Finally, it will illustrate a more personal element of his life and Devens studio in Gordes, an integral part of his Foundation’s Scientific and Cultural Project.

From 2 July to 31 October 2021, in the Château de Gordes

The Great Plague of Marseille in 1720 and Caravaggio

©Valérie Gillet – Vaucluse Provence


L’Hôtel d’Agar
58 rue Liffran
in Cavaillon
T. +33 (0)6 24 17 20 13

Through a collection of over a thousand manuscripts, most never shown before, including letters, paintings, ex-votos, engravings and more, the Hôtel d’Agar continues its exploration of the last major outbreak of the bubonic plague in Europe that wiped out half of the population of Provence and spread further into Europe. It claimed its first victim on 20 June 1720, exactly 300 years
before another pandemic much closer to home
! From quarantining to border walls and authorisations to leave the house, there are so many astonishing parallels with the events of 2020-2021 to discover! This year the museum will put the spotlight on the end of the pandemic (1721-23).
In 2021, the “Caravaggio in Provence” exhibition will be extended due to its great success. There will be the chance to admire two wonderful Caravaggio paintings from Peiresc and learn about their incredible history, the outcome of four years of a fascinating investigation.

Running June to September, Tuesday-Saturday,
Admission €10/pers. Guided tours (10 pers. max.) must be booked in advance (see online ticket office).