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Plantin truffle experts in Vaison-la-Romaine now open to the public

The Mont Ventoux and Valréas region is famous for its splendid black truffles, a popular treat in local markets and cuisine every winter. The Plantin family have been honing their mastery of this delicacy ever since the business opened in 1930, and now they’ve opened a dedicated visitors’ centre and truffle tasting shop in Puyméras.

Plantin truffle experts

Setting out from the historic town of Vaison, you drive along a curving valley and stop when the first hills of the Drôme Provençale come into sight, a few miles before Nyons. You’ll find yourself in Puyméras – population 600 – a Vaucluse village with an old olive oil mill and three wine cellars. This is also home to France’s most famous name in truffles, Plantin, which has been supplying the country’s connoisseurs with the finest truffles since 1930. They now also ship to delicatessens all over the world.
At least 50 tons of truffles a year pass through their premises just outside the village.

Naturally much of this comes from Vaucluse truffle fields, but they also source produce from other truffle-producing countries around the world like Spain, Italy and Australia. Their truffles are sold fresh, canned (whole or peeled), in pieces or in slivers, and are graded into two quality levels. Plantin is noted for its expertise in appertisation, a canning process that keeps the qualities of the truffle intact. From the 1970s onwards, Plantin has also run a parallel business specialising in fine dried mushrooms – mainly morel, but also porcini and chanterelles. A decade ago the company set up its dedicated Delicacies & Condiments section to make spreads, oils, salts, mustards and other truffle-flavoured products.

2019 – Opening of Truffle Centre & Shop

With its 90th birthday fast approaching, this distinguished company decided to step back into the limelight again after several decades in the shadows. Hence its new Truffle Centre, a celebration of all things truffle-related, where visitors can immerse themselves in the realm of these “black diamonds”. As well as an interesting video, informative displays, and tastings, there’s a shop showcasing Plantin’s selection of products. The company’s byword is excellence, and this is reflected in a stylishly lit interior of dark greys and taupes that set off the solid oak and black metal fittings. Don’t miss this temple to culinary pleasures!

Practical Information

Open Monday – Friday, 10am-12 and 1.30pm-7pm, Saturdays from 10am-7pm.
Free entry


Ancienne route de Nyons
84110 Puyméras
T. 33 (0)4 90 46 70 80

Press contact: Noëlle Réal

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