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8 truffle producers for the collective brand: “the black diamond of Vaucluse”

In the Vaucluse where the biggest truffle markets are found (at Richerenches and Carpentras), this is the first collective fresh truffle brand that guarantees the origin, growing conditions and freshness of truffles on the stalls.

The black diamond of Vaucluse

A collective brand

It is the first collective fresh truffle brand, created in November 2021 at the initiative of the Syndicat des Producteurs de Truffes du Vaucluse (Vaucluse Truffle Producers’ Federation). On the local market stalls, nothing looks more like a Vaucluse black truffle than another black truffle to the eyes of a truffle lover who often doesn’t know much about them, whether it comes from Spain, China or elsewhere.

Therefore, the profession found it important to be able to reassure consumers and be transparent. The brand, which only covers fresh grown truffles, guarantees their variety – the tuber melanosporum –, from Vaucluse truffle patches managed according to good farming practices – with no chemical inputs and from INRAE- or CTIFL-certified plants –, that they are harvested at maturity, and consequently at their aromatic peak, and finally that they are fresh, i.e. sold less than 7 days after harvesting.


Véronique Michelet
President of the Vaucluse Truffle Producers’ Federation
T. +33 (0)6 18 95 35 52


8 truffle producers have undertaken to display this quality brand

Fabien Fiorito, a truffle producer in Cucuron, joins the 7 other truffle growers behind the “Le Diamant Noir” brand.

There are now 8 of them carrying this quality brand loud and it will be found this winter on the markets in Carpentras (Friday mornings) and Richerenches (Saturday mornings) :

• Jean-Marie Cheilan, at Vaison-la-Romaine
• Anne et Pierre Cunty, at Pernes-les-Fontaines
Espenon Truffes (Benoit et Véronique Michelet), at St Didier
La Pépinière Moine (Véronique et Alain Moine), at Cabrières d’Avignon
Nicolas Monnier, at Saint Saturnin les Apt
• Jean-Paul Dessaud and Annick Mouries, at La Tour d’Aigues
• Jean-Marie Dutto, at Rustrel
• Fabien Fiorito, in Cucuron