Vaucluse Tourism Highlights

Enhanced reality at the Popes’ Palace

Ah, the great halls of the Papal Palace, so vast … but so empty too! Since the arrival of the Histopad, visitors can finally immerse themselves in the history of the monument, during the era of the pontifical court in the 14th century. It’s like stepping back in time…

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A treasure hunt for gold coins – also virtual, we’re afraid! – is the cherry on top of this ideal family outing.
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Each visitor to the Palace is now provided with a Histopad tablet and a pair of headphones. The countdown is launched as you approach the tablet terminals placed throughout the rooms; visitors then find themselves all of a sudden in the setting of the Papal Court, complete with immersive 360° image, characters, scenes and sounds. The fire crackles as you turn the screen towards the vast fireplace; the cicadas sing as you turn it towards the windows. Discover rich interiors, pull back the curtains and, leaning virtually through the windows, see the Pontiff’s Gardens below.


Palais des Papes
Place du Palais des Papes
84000 Avignon

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Sylvie Joly
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