Vaucluse Tourism Highlights

Meeting artisans from the Ventoux area

Ventoux Métiers d’Art is made up of 30 artisans around Ventoux with traditional skill sets, some of them rare, but always of excellence.

The list of their favourite materials is infinite: local wood, metal, earth, enamel, bone, ancient or modern fabrics, vegetable fibres, precious stones, gold, silver, marble
Their fields of activity are equally varied: jewellers, santonniers (makers of nativity figures or scenes), mosaicists, chair and armchair bottomers, upholsterers, makers of musical instruments, cutlery makers, wood turners, ceramicists, painters, sculptors…

Certain of these skills have become rare: including those of Sylvie Clop, a chair bottomer in Bédoin (no more than 70 in France), Béatrice Jouanneau, mosaicist in Villes-sur-Azon, or Frédéric Durand, a maker of mechanical musical instruments in the same village (a dozen in France)…

View the Ventoux Métiers d’Art press release (in French)

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Lucas Poutout (c) Lenny Vidal


Nathalie Durand

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