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The 100th anniversary of the Richerenches truffle market

Last update: 09/11/2023

While the ancestral “Ban des Vendanges”, is the administrative permission that announces the start of the grape harvest, the “Ban des Truffes” marks the official opening of the Richerenches truffle market, the largest national black truffle market, which celebrates its 100th anniversary on Saturday 2 December 2023! ...

3 truffle holiday ideas in Vaucluse

Last update: 24/10/2023

From December to the end of February, you can enjoy the black truffle in Provence. Here are three holidays we’ve selected for you. ...

8 truffle producers for the collective brand: “the black diamond of Vaucluse”

Last update: 03/10/2023

This is the first collective fresh truffle brand that guarantees the origin, growing conditions and freshness of truffles on Vaucluse markets. ...

Odyssée Sonore at the Roman Theatre of Orange

Last update: 22/09/2023

Until the end of December, you will be able to attend one of the performances of the Odyssée Sonore at the Roman Theatre in Orange. ...

Chimères at the new Blachère Foundation, in Bonnieux

Last update: 25/07/2023

In Bonnieux, in the Luberon, the old train station has been transformed into the new exhibition space for the Blachère Foundation, which has focused on contemporary African art for twenty years. ...

Eva Jospin at the Palace of the Popes

Last update: 19/07/2023

Until January 2024, the vast medieval halls of a palace built by men, for men will be dedicated to the dreamlike architectural creations of a visual artist: Eva Jospin. ...

The Provencal Colorado

Last update: 30/06/2023

During the summer season, you must now book to visit the Provençal Colorado. ...

Gardens to visit in Vaucluse

Last update: 27/06/2023

A new rose garden in a dry garden, gardening workshops at the St André Abbey, gardens of tinctorial plants and fragrant roses - the gardens in Vaucluse are open to visitors. ...

Two sightseeing Passes for Avignon and Vaucluse

Last update: 07/06/2023

Explore Avignon or the whole of Vaucluse at your own pace, with the 24- or 48-hour City Pass, and 2, 3 or 5-day Passes covering the wider region. The Avignon City Pass and the Vaucluse Provence Pass… ...