Tourism News


New: the Botanical Garden at Domaine de la Citadelle

Last update: 28/05/2020

This project has been a work in progress for the past 2 years and has just opened. Its 5 ancient dry-stone wall terraces contain different types of plants: aromatic, medicinal, wild, magical… all with a stunning view… ...

Vaucluse by electric mountain bike

Last update: 26/05/2020

Sport fanatics were delighted by the opening of the Vaucluse Long Distance Mountain Bike trail two years ago. And for those of us who enjoy sports and the great outdoors, but don’t relish the physical exertion of… ...

Enhanced reality at the Popes’ Palace

Last update: 26/05/2020

Ah, the great halls of the Papal Palace, so vast … but so empty too! Since the arrival of the Histopad, visitors can finally immerse themselves in the history of the monument, during the era of the… ...

50 Bosch eBike charging stations in Vaucluse

Last update: 26/05/2020

Here’s some good news for people who love exploring the countryside or climbing the slopes by electric bicycle – Vaucluse now boasts 13 charging stations and 150 Fast Chargers spread across the region, at Tourist Offices and… ...

La Filaventure, the brand new museum of Brun de Vian-Tiran factory

Last update: 26/05/2020

Fans of French-made quality blankets will know the name Brun de Vian-Tiran, the oldest cloth-weaving factory still running in France. For eight generations and over two centuries, the Brun family has been travelling the world in search… ...

Cooking lessons at the Maison de la Tour in Avignon

Last update: 26/05/2020

Sheltered from the hustle and bustle of the city, close to the medieval ramparts, Maison de la Tour restaurant is open every day except Tuesdays, Wednesday lunchtimes and Sunday evenings. They specialise in gourmet cuisine prepared with… ...

The House of Candied Fruit opens in the Luberon

Last update: 26/05/2020

It’s just been added to France’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage and has earned its native town recognition as a “Site Remarquable du Goût” (Remarkable Site of Flavour); it’s beautiful, shiny and distinctive, and yet it’s largely… ...

Opening of the Inguimbertine in Carpentras

Last update: 28/04/2020

Welcome to the only museum-library in France! It opened on November 4 in Carpentras and bears the name of its founder, Mgr d’Inguimbert, humanist bishop and visionary of Carpentras in the eighteenth century and also the… ...

Avignon’s municipal museums are now free!

Last update: 28/04/2020

You’ve wandered the halls of the Pope’s Palace, taken a selfie on the Pont d’Avignon, and enjoyed a lavender sorbet in the Place de l’Horloge – maybe now you feel refreshed enough to continue your cultural explorations… ...